you can call me Sarah

My past clients tell me I was a ninja on the day, which  creases me up but I love it and it is such an awesome word to represent how I work on your day. I like to blend into the background yet always be there for you when you need! I want to give you that guest perspective that brings all the memories flooding back of how it really felt on your wedding day! I'm basically your new best mate and can help with any planning beforehand!

I'm a Yorkshire girl who spent most of my 20s living in Adelaide, Australia. Travel is such an important part of my life which is why I love doing destination weddings and elopements and always leave room in my calendar for these enquiries. I love yoga, spontaneous trips, reading, a good Netflix doc, hiking in the Peaks, spending time with awesome people and curling up with glass of red. I'm a storyteller at heart and always love creating and capturing new ones. 

Hiya you alright?

So what's it like to work with me?

So I'm always crap at the 'tell us some interesting facts about you' kinda chat but here goes. I'm a UK and Australian citizen. I’d rather be out exploring than lazing on a beach. I am an adventurer at heart and like trying new things, often having stories to tell at my expense. (When I tried surfing, I hit myself in the throat with the board and lost my voice for the rest of the holiday.) I'm obsessed with my dog, Frankie and I guess my boyfriend Ben is ok too. I'm also a travel photographer (gimme all the destination weddings) and work with Munwa Experiences. 

What do you wanna know?

Storytelling is my passion and the heart of what I do. I like to create a connection with my couples that allows you to be yourselves around me, I don't want to be a stranger supplier that rocks up, does my job and then goes home. That's just awkward. I want to know about you, I get involved! I enjoy your wedding story with you, this is how I capture the raw moments that I do through my films and photos!

Salt Flats, Utah (done)
Arizona (done)
Tulum (done)
Sri Lanka (done)
Guatemala (done)
Bali (done)
Santorini (done)
Austin, Texas (done)
New Zealand

Iceland (booked)
Norway (done)
Austrian Alps (done)
Italy (done) 
South of France (done)
Isle of Skye (done)
Panama (done)

Bucket list Travel 

As I've mentioned before I just LOVE to travel, it's a huge part of who I am. Here's a lil sneak peek into my bucket list travel and also places I have shot weddings or have ticked off the list personally and through my travel work.