Cat & Menno first met when they were both ski instructors, over 10 years ago in the Austrian Alps. Cat from the UK and Menno from the Netherlands decided to settle in Innsbruck, Austria. This is where they live together with their pet bunnies. Since the beginning they have lived for adventure and being amongst nature, an adventure elopement session in the Austrian Alps was a perfect fit for them!

This post wedding adventure session was without a doubt one of the best experiences I have ever had! Our personalities immediately clicked and I knew straight away we were in for an epic day! Their easy going nature allowed me to achieve beautiful and emotional storytelling images of their love. They kept saying how goofy and awkward they were together. I wanted this to shine through just as much as the romance. It’s all about bringing out who you are as a couple not forced unnatural versions of yourselves!

I am so in love with Austria the scenery is honestly breathtakingly beautiful! This was my first time in Tirol and it was just such a privilege to hike with Cat and Menno in the beautiful landscape it has to offer. The views are just as incredible in Autumn as they are in the Winter. I literally had a smile from ear to ear the entire time. This location was close to Italian border and had so much variety. From the mountainous backgrounds and autumnal colours to the stunning lake views just a short hike away. Although the water levels were very low it was still just incredible. This location has quickly become one of my favourite spots for a post wedding adventure session or elopement and it has so much meaning to Cat and Menno.

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